About Us

World's most innovative ski wax technology since 1902, with aim to be industry's leading manufacturer in wax technology. In 2015 Vauhti factory became most modern ski wax company with fully automated production of the liquid and solid ski waxes.

Together with Vauhti's leadership and cooperation with University of Eastern Finland the development of the ground-breaking liquid waxes increased significantly. The unique innovations from Vauhti were recognized throughout the Winter Sports Industry.

Vauhti's innovations objective is with the aim for ski and snowboard waxing to be simple without overwhelming waxing accessories and facilities. With new approach waxing is no longer a barrier to enjoy Winter's activities. Vauhti's production technology makes available same accuracy of wax applications from recreational to world's best skiers.

Finnish legacy, Winter culture, will to win, passion, perseverance, integrity and newest technology in industry are driving, Joensuu based, Vauhti company to create and produce industry's most innovative products for Winter Sports enthusiasts.